Sometime in late 2016, I was in a pickle. I made a small mistake that turned into somewhat of a big ordeal, in my family. (I say somewhat because the situation lasted for about 2 days then it was over.) This situation had brought a few family members to my defense. Although I appreciated the loyalty, I couldn't understand the defense. They said "She's still a little girl. She makes mistakes."

Mind you, at that very moment, I didn't think of myself as a little girl. I mean, I live on my own, pay all of my bills, pay for my education, and not to mention, I am the parent to a beautiful, sometimes evil black cat named Perry. 

So I said to myself, wow! What does someone have to do around here to be considered a woman?! To which, Ta-da! The Curious Woman blog was born! 

I think I have been a "curious" woman all of my life. I grew up in a household with 4 brothers and a single mom. Traditionally, in my family, the woman serves the man. So I was expected to cook, clean, and care after my brothers. Which didn't go well with me, so I questioned it.

That was the start of my curiosity but certainly not the end. I hope here on this blog, you enjoy all things: Woman and all things: Human beings. From asking those tough questions about what truly makes a woman to just regular chat about daily life and all that, that includes. Now don't get me wrong, this site is also for men! We feel, hurt, and love all the same. So I invite all to open our minds and hearts to explore The Curious Woman, wherever she may be.


All love,


Felicita <3